To bring up for work and life

A teacher who gives only knowledge
to a child is a craftsman;
and a teacher who forms a child’s
character is an outstanding
artist of his work.
Sofia Rusova

We are thinking about upbringing and mannerliness, mind and wisdom, love and happiness in the world… We do believe that there is happiness in each of us but our target is to understand it: when we have troubles, obstacles, failures, challenges, loses and victories.

Ukrainian humanitarian lyceum created the formula of pupils’ upbringing, this formula took the name «School-Family». Due to it the teachers of lyceum heading by headmistress G.Sazonenko created the model of a big family. Teaching staff is convinced that society, as well as a family, is united by one target – to bring up future generations – citizens of Ukraine. Lyceum is oriented to teach each student to achieve success; the lyceum’s task is to bring up the Big League of Ukrainian society. We believe that only the distinguished teachers can bring up the pupils who will be the elite of Ukrainian society.

The basis of the upbringing process in lyceum is the Concept of national upbringing “The Ukrainian Citizen of the 21st Century”.

The lyceum’s upbringing strategy is realized by means of implementation the following upbringing models: “I-family-Native Land”, “Polylogue” “Kyiv is our home town”, “The sources of spirituality”, “Your choice”, “The clean Earth is the greatness of soul”, “Jurist”, “The lessons of Beauty”, “The dialogue of cultures”, “We are the citizens of Ukraine”, “Human. Earth. Universe.”, “We are Europeans”.

Ten rules of life-wisdom of a tutor

  • 1. Remember: the most appreciated thing in your work is the personality;
  • 2. You should feel a child with your heart not only understand;
  • 3. Actions speak louder than words. Give the example to a child how to work.
  • 4. After teaching a child, you should help him to obtain freedom, ability to self-assessment and self-regulated behavior.
  • 5. Be a seeker of knowledge, think constantly. Use your time wisely.
  • 6. Do not forget that your actions and mood influence on a child.
  • 7. Remember that the greatest evil is indifference.
  • 8. If you are not right, be brave enough to acknowledge it. The feeling of guilt is a noble one immanent for an educated one. Learn how to forgive.
  • 9. What is perfection? – It should be found in Love, Beauty and Action. Remember: only love and patience will lead you to the result.
  • 10. Who is a tutor for a child? A tutor is a smile, joy, calm, support, knowledge, an example, an ideologist, a teacher of life.