We believe that the leading mission of the new millennium belongs to education which has to become the main “foundation” of modern science, culture, technology, spiritual and material production and continual development of society.

The basis for the formation and development of Ukrainian Humanities Lyceum as an educational establishment of innovative type is Hanna Sazonenko’s (the director of the Lyceum, Ph.D., National Teacher of Ukraine) authorial conception of the Acmeological School, where students don’t prepare for life but live. The main purpose is a holistic development of socially active, creative personality and upbringing the national elite of Ukraine.

The formation of the Lyceum as an educational establishment of innovative type occurs in terms of implementing systemic research by the formula:

Experiment: the Lyceum is an experimental platform for the implementation of innovative ideas in education.

Creativity: realization of creative potential of teachers and students.

Modelling the acmeological educational space to provide holistic development of the educational process.

Our researches

1995-2005«Lyceum - Family»
1999-2005«Development and implementation of advanced educational technologies»
2005-2009«Development and implementation of the Lyceum’s acmeological system»
2010-2016«Theoretical and methodological conditions of innovative development of acmeological lyceum»
2010-2015«A healthy child - a successful family - a stable country»
2012-2016«Implementation of elements of distance learning in Kyiv’s secondary schools»