To provide the European space for the future of highly qualitative education, the elite educational “Partner-club” was founded on June, 26 2004.

«Partner»-club has united innovative educational establishments from different regions of Ukraine and Ukrainian foreign schools. The participants of the international Partner club are the effective schools headed by strategic headmasters.

The members of Partner club are the team of leaders with extraordinary, innovative and prognostic thinking. They had to unite with the purpose of changing education for better, help each one realize individual and corporate plans, create the acmeological model of their educational establishment that is the model of success, to achieve a higher level of educational management, cooperate, develop, communicate and support each other.

«Partner»-club themes to be discussed are always actual. Conferences, theoretical and practical seminars enable to consider the current educational problems, youth’s brining up process, questions of effective school strategic management. Passionate discussions on pedagogical topics are combined with psychological trainings and lections.

The international educational «Partner»-club is always into looking for process. Native and foreign educational establishments-members of the «Partner»-club are the main field of approbation and implementation of the latest educational technologies into the practical activity of every single teacher. Constantly the analysis of «Partner»-club activity is conducted, as well as the perspectives are pointed out. Leading educational establishments’ innovative experience is becoming Ukrainian educators’ acquisition.