Lyceum Prostir

Prostir is the magazine of Ukrainian humanitarian lyceum of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University. The magazine was first published in April, 1999.

Prostir gives the perfect opportunity for our students - future journalists and politicians - to realize themselves in writing.

  • P — Person who is educated enough to keep on learning and never always be willing to learn and grow more;
  • R — Responsibility. A person must be responsible for his actions;
  • O — Objectiveness. A person must be objective in his judgments.;
  • S — Self-knowledge. A person is supposed to know himself: his own weak and strong sides;
  • T — Target-oriented. A person is supposed to be determined to achieve his goal.;
  • I — Innovation. Innovation is the method which helps the lyceum to develop constantly.;
  • P — Pupil-oriented. All the activities which are provided in our lyceum aim to develop pupils’ personality.

Nastya Salnikova (the first editor of Prostir, young politologist) said that our lyceum had taught her ‘to be dynamic, dynamic and one more time dynamic, and to achieve the goal’.