We explore the world – the world learns about us

Education and knowledge have become a transboundary and transnational phenomenon into nowadays world. It determines the progress and development of every state. Consequently, the international partnership starts to be one of the ground principles of educational policy, maintaining not only sharing the information but effective co-operation and mutual creativity as well…

The global world is interesting due to its diversity; it makes people generate new ideas and to teaches not to forget national achievements. That’s why lyceum’s cooperation with world society can be called co-work, co-partnership. This free activity determines our future and is unlimited as well as European context of the Ukrainian culture history.

The geography of our trips is a wide one. The following places that we have visited should be mentioned: Stuttgart, Munich, Shijiazhuang, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Istanbul, Saint-Petersburg, Stonehenge, Briton, Hastings, London, Cambridge, Mielno, and Warsaw.

Lyceum cooperates tightly with Diasporas in Transnistria, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Australia, America, and Canada. The experience of Diasporas’ schooling becomes the new experience for Ukraine.

We perceive the traditions of Chinese culture for learning how to become reserved, self-respected and self-consistent.

We perceive the art, historical and philosophical achievements of Germany for learning how to become more determined and how to express our ideas coherently and cohesively.

We are learning how to become friendly, mutually helpful and how to think positively. In this task our neighbour-country Moldova is of great help.

We perceive to be free…

We investigate the world to become its intrinsic part…

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