Statute of the Ukrainian Humanitarian Lyceum – is an educational institution for gifted and talented young people, which provides a high-quality comprehensive high-school education of students in major branches such as language and literature, history and philosophy, economics and law.

The core education is implemented by:

  • • development and approval of the experimental curriculum;
  • • identifying courses and optional subjects;
  • • teaching of core subjects, courses and subjects;
  • • the annual educational and training practice in accordance with core subjects.

Lyceum offers:

Grade 8, 9 – general humanities and advanced studies, and two foreign languages (by choice)

Grade 10 – core educational groups by different subjects (language and literature, history and philosophy, economics and law)

Grade 11 – pre-university training, main design, final state certification.

In Lyceum, along with the state Ukrainian language, children can study 5-7 foreign languages according to the students’ choices (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese), which makes it possible to cooperate with schools from Germany, the UK, Poland, the USA, Russia, China, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Australia and etc.